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Genius Pc Speakers

The new genius q160 stereo speakers are the perfect choice for powered up pc users who need a 6 wattage 3 inch planar monitor stationed at or near their desk. These speakers are stereo and powers up your laptop or computer with just a 3 watt input jolt. My quality-minded speakers are timeless and still stylish with their brainchildlike design and ears-cringing mids. The sound quality is amazing and they come in both white and black, making them the perfect addition to your desktop or office space. My ecommerce store has some great deals on the new genius q160 stereo speakers so don't miss out on this must-have accessory for any multimedia lover.

Buy Genius Pc Speakers

If you're looking for a quality genius speaker, then you need to check out our bluetooth 2 model. With our subwoofer ability, this will be perfect for your music needs. The tablet pc lover in you will appreciate the smart phone ability to start talking to your friends and family.
this 4 watt set of genius speakers is perfect for your desktop computer. With great sound quality, these speakers make your desktop feel like the real world is right there with you. These speakers are durable and easy to use, making sure you have a great sound experience for years to come.
the genius pc speakers are perfect for your pc laptop. With a 2. 0 watt rms power band, these speakers are designed to give you the best way to talk to your pc. These speakers are made of materials that will not affect the performance of your pc laptop. They are also made of durable plastic that will not lose itsistrate over time.